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8  Comments - Life Through a Lens

You're a cutie even when your eyebrows are uncombed! <img border='0' src='/images/icons/laugh.gif'>

Can't even tell the bed is unmade - actually can barely even see the bed. Great layout!!!!!

l-o-v-e it!

Great LO....and hey I would have never noticed the bed!.....LOL!!!

Ok, recognizing I spelled the word &quot;lens&quot; wrong, not once, but TWICE!!! <img border='0' src=''>

wow, fabulous LO! All I'm sayin' is you look a lot better than I do after waking up from a nap <img border='0' src='/images/icons/wink.gif'>

LOL @ the unmade bed comment and the combing your eyebrows.
Great layout.

This is so neat - I love the mirror picture! <img border='0' src='/images/icons/smile.gif'>

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