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Project - Sewing Calendar & Snoopy Calendar

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This is really cute. What a great idea...I need one more project, hahaha.

This turned out SUPER cute! Love all of the sewing dies. Just a great calendar! Blessings,

Project - Sewing Calendar & Snoopy Calendar
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Project - Sewing Calendar & Snoopy Calendar
by AngieandSnoopy
posted 01/20/13 at 09:50 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking, Stamping, Home Decor

I colored my wires with Copic refill inks and colored Snoopy images with Copics. I used heat embossing on the Snoopy designs. I used Prima 2009 Calendars to stamp my calendars. I just cut off the months/years and bought enough to stamp months starting with any day of the week. Purple Onion Designs also has a rubber stamp set that will work great. I didn't find them until after I'd bought a ton of the Prima on eBay!

I have a Bind-it-All but these were made with my WireMate which is a 3:1 and has a choice of wires and plastic coils. I bought it to bind my music books and other books since the coils are not only cheap but I can get in very large sizes. I get clear and color with alcohol inks and Copic refills.

I made the wood stand with molding and dowels. identicaltriplets had a smaller calendar with a similar stand. I was never able to find one so I made my own!

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