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Project - Lady Bug Cookbook on wood stand

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This is so cute, love all the ladybug action here!

This is so cool!! what a neat way to do a recipe book!

So, so cute! :D

Love this project!!

Project - Lady Bug Cookbook on wood stand
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Project - Lady Bug Cookbook on wood stand
by AngieandSnoopy
posted 01/21/13 at 10:07 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking, Stamping, Home Decor

I searched high and low trying to figure out a way to make my mini cookbooks “stand up” while using the recipes. I saw Patter (identicaltriplets) calendar on a wood stand BUT couldn't find it anywhere. So, what was I to do, I had inherited wood working tools from my late DH and his father. I COULD have used a hack saw and a drill but fortunately, didn't have to.

My DH Jeff set up his drill press so I could drill the small holes in the larger dowels STRAIGHT across and not crooked like I did the first ones. It only takes a piece of molding that is 2-1/2 deep, about 3/4 inch tall, 2 dowels about 1/2 inch to 5/8 inch and one dowel to go across that is 3/16 inch or a little bigger. And two screws countersunk from in bottom up into the two larger dowels.

I have a Bind-it-All but I also have a WireMate which cuts 11 inches at the time and is 3:1 pitch rather than the 2:1 pitch of the BIA. I like the Wiremate because it also takes plastic coils and they come in tiny sizes up to huge. That works great for my cookbooks and music books.

I buy the clear plastic coils, they are easy to paint with Krylon Fushion for plastic paint AND the clear ones look fantastic colored with alcohol inks or Copic markers.

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