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Project - My Least Favorite Part of New York

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Love it! I would have to agree with you about the NYC trash, yuck, I will never forget the smell of it.

Love your overlay!

Very cute and funny...great, but nasty, photos <img border='0' src='/images/icons/smile.gif'>

Project - My Least Favorite Part of New York
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Project - My Least Favorite Part of New York
by busypea
posted 12/29/05 at 07:44 PM
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tee-hee - I scrapped about garbage LOL!

The journaling overlay is a lot easier to read IRL - but the scan makes it almost illegible. It reads:
“I must admit that one of the strangest things to me about NYC makes me seem like I'm a bit off my rocker. Of all the things that make New York completely different from Seattle and Portland, the most obvious - and weird - to me was the GARBAGE!

First, it's everywhere. On the street, in the gutters, on the sidewalk, overflowing from the garbage cans. Yuck! Second, the street sweepers clean the streets at night, but that process is darn near as gross as the garbage itself, with foul water spraying all over passers-by. SUPER nasty.

And to top it off, no one recycles. If you aks where to recycle a can, be prepared for a look like you are certifiable. Seriously, garbage in NYC is nuts.”

Once again, I dug into my stash for goodies. It's fun using some older stuff again :)
KI Memories vellum (collection 3), die cuts (collection 2) and letter stickers; American Crafts letter stickers; Scrapworks tailored letter tabs; Art Warehouse epoxy sticker; Dee's Designs harlequin rub-on; Rob & Bob Studio clips


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