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Project - Family Blessings ~ Thanksgiving 2003



SUCH a beautiful layout Deb! Love those rich colors - perfect for the theme! ANd I NEED those recipes - especially the torte...OMG is my mouth watering right now!

YOU ARE THE JOURNALING QUEEN MY FRIEND! You truly know how to tell a story! I love this! That picture of Andrew with his arms out is so cute! Every bit of detail is fabulous on this one! Great stuff! <img border='0' src='/images/icons/grin.gif'>

Cute! What a great story, you did a great job giving a family feel to the whole layout!


great color choices- looks warm and inviting! great journaling too!

Great message in your journaling! TFS!

very cool! LOVE the blocks of paper!!!!

Project - Family Blessings ~ Thanksgiving 2003
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Project - Family Blessings ~ Thanksgiving 2003
by Debsunshine
posted 08/06/04 at 09:57 PM
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This was so hard to scan due to the lumpiness. It really is straighter in real life. . . The journaling flips up to reveal two recipes for desserts made for the holiday along with thumbnail pictures. Unfortunately, they will not scan right. Oh well. If you want recipes for killer Chocolate Cranberry Torte or Lemon Cheesecake with Strawberries and Port Glaze, email me, lol. <P> Journaling reads: I may have lost the meaning of the holidays. It might have happened along the way. The focus on preparing the best possible meal, planning the menu by leafing through gourmet magazines for updated dishes and drawing upon familiar recipes from past experiences. Making sure the table was set in an attractive manner and picking out the perfect wine. Going over the house to give it a thorough and much needed cleaning. Examining the hardwood floors in every possible angle and light to make sure it was clean.
Your father can be my voice of reason. It has happened before but sometimes I’m not really listening. I hear what he is saying but my tunnel vision does not let the words really penetrate so that they are absorbed and comprehended. But some of them must have gone in this year. I heard him ask why we were having turkey again this year when it was so much work and it was just an intimate family gathering. Nana had volunteered to make chicken instead. Somehow I feel making a turkey to sit nicely on the table is my duty but I listened. Daddy pointed out that I could cook if that was what I wanted to do but not to make myself crazy. So this holiday, my focus was just on two elaborate desserts rather than everything.
The table was still set and the house was relatively clean. We had dinner rolls but they were the kind you heat up rather than make from scratch. There was delicious chicken to eat and some fabulous side dishes. And everyone was happy. There was less pressure and the mood was calmer.
A Thanksgiving lesson for your mother to learn. The holiday is not just about the food. In truth, you my little picky eater, really didn’t eat much of anything but a homemade turkey wouldn’t have enticed you either. Not when you are more excited about sitting with the grown ups at a table and your beloved Nana and Papa are over to occupy your time and lavish you with attention.
Thanksgiving is about family and sharing - not just food but time with each other. You showed me that with your brilliant smile and as I watched you jump into Papa’s lap. And you didn’t even care about desserts (although the rest of us did).

Thanksgiving 2003 - Journaling August 4, 2004<P> Thanks for looking! Debra

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