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Project - "Smile" - Multiple pages and photos of one story



Great LO series! I love seeing 12x12x combined with divided protectors!

Thanks everyone, I'm all scrapped out with these photos now! ;)

Great layouts! I love the way you included all those pictures from the one event. Great idea.

Great idea & nice layouts!

I love the color scheme and your process to use multiple photos!

Love how you cope with the multiple photos. The. O'our scheme is fabulous too

Project - "Smile" - Multiple pages and photos of one story
About this project

Project - "Smile" - Multiple pages and photos of one story
by MelissaJV
posted 05/03/13 at 07:54 PM
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I am generally a single page, single photo (sometimes 2) scrapper.

After reading lots on the General Scrapin board about multiple photos vs single photos, and the lack of 2 page layouts, this is how I scrap an event with multiple photos. I scrap non-chronologically, so I like these pages to start on the left side of my album and then finish on the right side. So I always make a cover, then do a divided page protector (filling both sides), finishing with a last single page layout.

These are the last of the photos from a family photo shoot a couple of years ago. I've scrapped several of the photos on a single pages for my kids albums, but this set of layouts will go into my family album.

For a really special event with multiple photos I will make a mini album.

Thanks for looking and reading, this is a really long explanation for me :)

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