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Project - SOF12 Craftfoam and Wax Paper

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I left a comment on the other posting of this project but I wanted to say on this posting of it, that I didn't realize you had done the resist technique----I guess I read over that section and I know the cute flies/bee stamp did distract me. lol! I do think the resist you did for the BG looks really good---I honestly thought it was PP!

I don't think that this card looks sloppy--- It is so cute and it just has a fun feel to it!

TFS again!

LOL! Left you a comment on the blog-linked upload, but worth repeating. This is great!

About the fussy cut... I cut my CF before heating--most times. The shrinking helps even out irregularities. Glad the oven-method worked for you--very daring of you!

Cute card! I like the soft look of the wax paper resist and the cute frog. TFS. Daria


Very cute! your bg turned out nicely, very subtle. I like the embossing on the card body too.

Very creative use of such fun techniques! Great Card!

This is very clever! I like your little frog and the surrounding elements. Your background looks nice. I have also had trouble cutting out my craftfoam which is part of the reason mine isn't done yet. Good job!

Project - SOF12 Craftfoam and Wax Paper
About this project

Project - SOF12 Craftfoam and Wax Paper
by Christinmay
posted 10/19/12 at 05:16 PM
via Two Peas for iPhone
Galleries: Stamping, Cardmaking

This is for Daniel's Craftfoam and LeighAnn's Wax Paper Resist challenges.

I started with green CF and rubbed light green ink (the same as the BG) over it, to change the colour slightly. Then I stamped the frog with black dye ink and put it in the oven for 5 min. It dried and shrunk a bit. I fussy cut it.

For the light green BG I crumpled wax paper and then did the ironing technique, using a make-up pad to rub light green ink on it. I liked the result!

Overall the card looks a bit sloppy. I like the concept but not the execution. I had a lot of trouble fussy cutting the frog - I just couldn't get it to look neat!

I'm going to give this to my MIL cause she loves green and frogs!

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