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Project - Themed Projects : 3rd Birthday Party

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Project - Themed Projects : 3rd Birthday Party
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Project - Themed Projects : 3rd Birthday Party
by Sheri Mae
posted 06/15/09
Galleries: Scrapbooking

<p>If you're like me and take a lot of pictures during your children's birthday parties, then this idea will come in handy. Instead of creating one layout about my oldest daughter's 3rd birthday party, I&nbsp;created a mini album. If you have never done a mini album digitally, then now is the time to do it! It's super easy!</p>
<p>I used Crystal Wilkerson's Tons of Scallops {Template kit} as my basis for each page. I&nbsp;then used Crystal's Birthday Doodles Brush Pack, along with Jen Allyson's Sprinkles kit!&nbsp;To add a special touch I&nbsp;used Sande Krieger's Borderlines # 4 kit and used border #14 around each page! I&nbsp;am really&nbsp;into doodled borders these days! I&nbsp;find they add&nbsp;a nice finishing&nbsp;touch!</p>
<p>I created the pages at 12x12 inches, but later resized them to approx. 5.5 inches, this was so I&nbsp;could print them and create a 6x6 mini album.</p>
<p>To create the album, I&nbsp;used one piece of 12x12 black cardstock.&nbsp;I scored it using my paper cutter at 6 inches down the middle.&nbsp;Then I cut the 12x12 piece&nbsp;of cardstock&nbsp;in half, giving me two pieces approx. 12x6 inches. Since I&nbsp;only have&nbsp;five pages to my mini album, I&nbsp;cut one of those pieces in half. Each page is approx. 6x6. I&nbsp;then took the one 12x6&nbsp;piece and folded it and inserted the half piece inside and then stapled the edge of the album.&nbsp;I&nbsp;then&nbsp;adhered my&nbsp;printed pages to each page.&nbsp;To cover up the staples, I&nbsp;took an old ribbon (I believe it was once wrapped around a pair of pjs I&nbsp;got for Christmas) and&nbsp;tied it on the edge.&nbsp;&nbsp;</p>
<p>It was super easy to do and now my daughter has a cute little album she can carry around to look at pictures from her party!</p>
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