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Project - Themed Projects : {at the pumpkin patch}

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Project - Themed Projects : {at the pumpkin patch}
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Project - Themed Projects : {at the pumpkin patch}
by Sheri Mae
posted 11/15/09
Galleries: Scrapbooking

<p>I love this time of year, especially when we get to go to the pumpkin patch!! This was our first year as a family of four. The weather was perfect and the girls had a blast!</p>
<p>This month's theme is all about STICKERS. For my last layout I&nbsp;used digi elements that were actually already considered a sticker and already had that distinct white border to them. This time around I&nbsp;decided to use elements that weren't necessarily a sticker and make them a sticker!</p>
<p>To do this in&nbsp;PSE, I did the following:</p>
<p>1. Open the image that I&nbsp;wanted to make a sticker out of.</p>
<p>2. From the main menu, select <strong>Edit</strong> &gt; <strong>Stroke (Outline) Selection</strong></p>
<p>3. In the <strong>Stroke dialog </strong>box I either typed in <strong>10-30 px for the Width </strong>(all depended on how thick I&nbsp;wanted the white border to be), then for <strong>Color, I&nbsp;selected white</strong>. For <strong>Location, I checked off Outside</strong>, so that my border appeared outside of the image. Everything else I&nbsp;left the same.</p>
<p>4. Click OK.</p>
<p>In the end I&nbsp;was then left with my sticker! It was super easy and can be applied to just about any element you want. For my layout, I&nbsp;created stickers out of my alpha, a brush file, the pumpkins and some of my text. My favourite sticker is the one pumpkin I&nbsp;created using Jen Allyson's new &quot;Holiday Cuts - Pumpkin Patch&quot; because I&nbsp;could customize the pumpkin with different papers before adding the sticker border to it! Lots of fun!!</p>
<p>So next time you're in the mood to add stickers to your layout…create your own!!</p>
<p>Credits: Alphabet (pumpkin), &quot;the perfect pumpkin&quot;&nbsp;brush, frame &amp;&nbsp;paper clip: Brandy Buffington's Fall Primitives kit, Date card: Kate Teague's By the Numbers kit, journaling card: Jen Allyson's Study Hall - Blank Cards, Background paper and papers inside pumpkin (top right): Jen Allyson's Fall Jamboree - Pumpkin Papers, Pumpkins: Jen Allyson's Fall Jamboree - Stickers, Pumpkin (top right): Jen Allyson's&nbsp; Holiday Cuts - Pumpkin Patch, Border: Jen Allyson's - Fall Jamboree - Festive Borders.</p>
<p>Thanks for looking!</p>
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