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Project - New Product Focus :{snow much fun} - snow kissed


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Project - New Product Focus :{snow much fun} - snow kissed
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Project - New Product Focus :{snow much fun} - snow kissed
by Sheri Mae
posted 12/01/09
Galleries: Scrapbooking

<p>As soon as I&nbsp;saw Betsy's &quot;Snow Kissed&quot;&nbsp;kits I&nbsp;knew exactly what layout I&nbsp;was going to create with them! I&nbsp;have been wanting to create a layout using a bunch of photos from this past winter. It is one winter that we'll never forget, at least now we won't because of this layout :) The pictures are from different times throughout the winter, but they tell one overall story of how much fun it was, especially for my oldest daughter.</p>
<p>All of the Snowed Kissed kits are&nbsp;fabulous, but together they're even better! My favourite has to be the alphabet set! I&nbsp;love&nbsp;how I&nbsp;could mix and&nbsp;match the different stitching with the sweater letters! And the word art is&nbsp;wonderful, as are the little charms!!&nbsp;</p>
<p>One thing I&nbsp;did was cut out the snowman from&nbsp;the paper set to create my own little snowman. I&nbsp;used the Magic Wand tool to&nbsp;do&nbsp;this. I then added a white stroke around the edge to make him look like a sticker. I&nbsp;then used charms as mittens. Oh and the ribbons or should I&nbsp;say &quot;trimmings&quot;, so many to choose from!!&nbsp;I added a&nbsp;couple as accents.&nbsp;</p>
<p>Credits: &nbsp;Betsy Tuma's Snowed Kissed: Alpha, Snowed Kissed: Frills, Snowed Kissed: Trimmings, Snowed Kissed: Papers and Snowed Kissed:&nbsp;Solids, Journaling tag:&nbsp;Crystal Wilkerson's March 365 kit. Fonts: AL&nbsp;Uncle Charles and Pumpkin Spice.</p>
<p>Thanks for looking!</p>
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