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Project - New Product Focus : {10 things about you at three} simple st


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Project - New Product Focus : {10 things about you at three} simple st
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Project - New Product Focus : {10 things about you at three} simple st
by Sheri Mae
posted 11/01/09
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<p>I LOVE to use template/sketches! It makes the process so much more easier if I&nbsp;have something to work from. That's why Jen Martakis' &quot;Simple Starts&quot; templates are so great!! They are nice and simple to start with, so you can keep it as simple as you like or you can add to them!! She does a fabulous job of incorporating squares, circles, rounded squares, etc into every template! I&nbsp;can't say enough about them! The best part is you can download some of them for free to try them out first hand :)</p>
<p>For this layout I used her &quot;Simple Starts No. 4 Template&quot;. I love how the template has two distinct areas for photos, almost a side&nbsp;by side comparison. What I&nbsp;did was&nbsp;switched things up a bit and put a grouping of photos on one side and my journaling on the other. Other than that I&nbsp;pretty much kept all the other little elements the same. I&nbsp;especially love all the little circles she added, therefore I&nbsp;<font size=“2” face=“Arial”>emphasized </font>them a bit more by using Jen Allyson's Cool Colors&nbsp;papers which have lots of circles too :)</p>
<p>The plan for this layout was to document 10 fun facts about my oldest daughter. You see these types of layouts all the time, so I thought it would be fun to finally do one. I used different fonts for the numbers and kept the journaling font the same.</p>
<p>For some of the papers I&nbsp;recoloured them to give them that same muted feel as the papers I&nbsp;used from Jen Allyson's kits and of course I wanted to have them coordinate with the dress my daughter is wearing in the pictures.</p>
<p>Thanks for looking!</p>
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