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Project - New Product Focus : {your third birthday party}

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Project - New Product Focus : {your third birthday party}
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Project - New Product Focus : {your third birthday party}
by Sheri Mae
posted 09/01/09
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<p>I love that I&nbsp;now have birthday layouts to do! Before having kids there were no birthday parties happening around here. I&nbsp;never even had a birthday party as a kid!! That's probably why since my oldest daughter's first birthday I've always had a party for her, even if it's just family who comes. The thing is she is excited about the party until everyone arrives! She doesn't like to be the centre of attention and forget about singing happy birthday to her, she gets SO&nbsp;upset! This time around she buried her face in her hands and refused to blow out the candle! She quickly got over it and in the end she had a wonderful time!</p>
<p>Lesley's &quot;Party&nbsp;Time&quot; kit worked perfectly for this layout!&nbsp;And so did her Birdie alphas. Loving all the little birds :) To help date my layout I&nbsp;used Mary-Ann Wise's &quot;Beyond Measure Date Rulers&quot;.</p>
<p>Background paper, cake, cupcake, wordart and pattenered paper: Party Time Kit by Lesley Grainger</p>
<p>May Timeline:&nbsp;Beyond Measure Date Rulers by Mary Ann Wise</p>
<p>Alpha: Birdie's ABC&nbsp;Alphabet by Lesley Grainger</p>
<p>Yellow solid paper: Sprinkles Cupcake Celebration by Jen Allyson</p>
<p>Border: Playful Papers by Kate Teague</p>
<p>Fonts: 2Peas Rusted Tin, 2Peas Plain Jane and Pea Hannah Vanilla</p>
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