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Project - Antler Arches

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Great layout! Jackson is one of my favorite places.

Fabulous layout Michele! I stopped to look cause we have an antler arch in our community. Only a handful of antlers compared to this one...but moose antlers do not stack as well!

Wonderful embellishment layout!

Project - Antler Arches
About this project

Project - Antler Arches
by MicheleD_utah
posted 05/19/13 at 04:15 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking, Stamping

Glitter Girl asked us to describe how we embellish and add final touches to a layout. For this particular layout, it was based on a sketch at Scrap Our Story challenge blog, so I knew where clusters were going to go from the start. But, I knew I was going to use stamping and possibly some misting, so I didn't stick anything down, just layed it all out first. Then took a picture of it, removed the pieces, then sprayed the mist in a diagonal directionk following the line of the embellies. I then adhered everything down, and looked where to add stamping. The journaling card envelope was a perfect empty spot, so stamped there, and then decided to stamp along the top and bottom of the photo frame.
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