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Project - WSW Fave10



Those HA stamps look like something that can be used over and over again. I'm really lacking nice florals/backgrounds in my collection. I love that Gina K stenciled spring set. Thanks for sharing all your faves!

You've got some great favorites. I really love the HA leafy vines background. And the potted flowers are fabulous.

I still like your choice of stamps! I'm using your stamps in Looser's find it challenge! I hope that is a pumpkin in the hero arts clear set. I searched the internet for a bigger picture. Anyway, for my purposes, color it orange and it's a pumpkin!

Oh I love this! I too haven't seen some of these stamp co before. This is great to SEE them in person, rather than just reading company/brand names.

I love the wood stamp you have used in your cards, so this is great to see what it looks like as a stamp! and I love the vine one too!!

Love your choices! These are all so versatile. I'm with everyone else, I need that vine stamp, lol!

Oh this is fun! And like Daria hinted, almost like shopping! haha! I've never seen some of these stamps before, and I really like them! No wonder the leafy vine is sold out, humph! I haven't seen Gina K stamps even though I am familiar with her videos. These sets are really nice! Good picks!

Project - WSW Fave10
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Project - WSW Fave10
by howdyheidi
posted 06/08/13 at 12:12 PM
Galleries: Stamping

These are my 10 favorite stamps for WorldWide Stamping Week 2013 going on now in the stamping forum.

1) Hero Arts Wildflowers
2) Hero Arts Exotic Flowers
3) Hero Arts Woodgrain Background
4) Hero Arts Leafy Vines Background
5) Bird on the branch in Kaisercraft Bonjour clear set
6) The Moth from Kaisercraft Bonjour clear set
7) The potted flowers in Gina K Stenciled Spring
8) The large butterfly in Gina K Whimsical Spring
9) Hero Arts Kitty Stamp (only because it is one of my first stamps in the 80's)
10)The small dogwood flower from a Hero Arts sample set that was a RAK on a blog. As I looked through my gallery I noticed I used that stamp A LOT!

Thanks Anne for the fun challenge. This was a good way for me to look through my stamps and get oriented with them before starting the other challenges! I bet I will use several of these!
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