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Project - stumped Egg-static challenge

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I agree with Daniel about inking the edges. Maybe also stipple a light color around the nest. I think the white around the nest was maybe too glaringly white.

The ink you used to stamp the nest matches the background paper perfectly.

I agree that this is more than a fabulous start! I might use an exacto knife to free part of the purple/pink butterfly's wing and tuck your focal image behind that for an embellishment. Then you would have room for a sentiment in the bottom right side. But there are a lot of options here !

I think it looks great! I don't have any great suggestions but looks like Daniel and Marshia did! I love the pp with that image. Tone on tone is hard for me to do, I see another challenge idea! TFS :)

Melissa, I don't see what you see. :0) I think you have a good start on a nice card. Seriously!

With this same stamp I used spotlighting to bring it to life. See them here...

Maybe try tearing the image into circle ( to mirror the nest) or as Daniel suggested ink the edges to reduce the white space. I think that may be what is bothering you. Also as I look at it, I might try cutting the top right wing of the butterfly so that the image could be slipped under it slightly.
Love the pp paper btw.

LOL, Melissa! Ain't it PITA when what we 'want' turns into what our creative side decides to do?

I really like the work so far!

I might suggest aging the edges of the torn paper with the ink used to stamp the image.

Otherwise I wouldn't mess with it or be overly concerned with turning it into 'something'.

Like all good things, it is sufficient unto itself for just existing.

Project - stumped Egg-static challenge
About this project

Project - stumped Egg-static challenge
by yellowcherrios
posted 03/30/13 at 01:18 PM
Galleries: Stamping, Cardmaking

This is the project that I am stumped with.

I started out wanting to so a simple two-tone card only.

I also decided that I'd stamp the image on typing paper rather than CS so I could use it without added weight I sometimes get. I tore the sides by hand (and a little of the side of my craft table) for added effect.

I'm not sure if the white paper or torn edges stumped me on how to use this image. Maybe it's the PP…

I still am going to see if I can use it someway—as you can see, it's not tacked down to the PP since that didn't strike me either.

Any ideas would be appreciated!


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