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Project - Love Wins :: Studio Calico'Sundrifter' layout



love this so much anna -maria

Congrats! Your layout has been featured on MSA's Everyday Inspiration blog today:

Amazing, you are so talented!

Wow! This is just gorgeous!!!

Project - Love Wins :: Studio Calico'Sundrifter' layout
About this project

Project - Love Wins :: Studio Calico'Sundrifter' layout
by Anna-Maria
posted 02/08/13 at 11:26 AM
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This is my first layout made with new Studio Calico line - Sundrifter. I love all about the colours, the patterns and embellishmnets in this collection! You know me - I love pastel and muted colours - so this line is perfect for my creations.
How I made my layout - I took a simple white cardstock and come lovely circles from the Sundrifter CIrcle Shape Mask (you have to know that you can combine these few parts of the mask as you wish! this is great because every time you use it, it looks different and give you various effects!). So I use only tiny circles and put them here and there on my base. Then I mist a little bit using two different shades of blue mists. When the base dried I start to combine this simple composition. I and some sticky Sundrifter Die Cuts (oh how I love these feathers!), and a lot of stamps from both Sundrifter sets. You have to grab them for sure! They are amazing and unique!
I love this layout very much, because this is my little ‘history’, the lovely story about beautiful friendship - that's way this is so important for me. I hope you will enjoy this collection as much as I.
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