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Project - Inka Trail

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This turned out great! Your photos really are highlighted by the strips of pp. What a great adventure that must have been! Maria

Project - Inka Trail
About this project

Project - Inka Trail
by Ellen H
posted 01/16/13 at 01:48 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

How I choose my colors:

I start always with my background paper. It has to be something I love and it’s mostly influenced my mood of the day. For my Peru-album I also wanted something always coming back on every page (flowers). Normally I don’t do it that way, but I think it can be useful to choose papers, colors and combinations for a layout.

Then I chose the rest by looking to the background paper and embellishments (here the big camera) to bring those colors somewhere else on my pages.

With these colors the layout would be boring, so I wanted bright colors as next. I thought of green (because it was also on the pictures and the background page) and the yellow would match the rest of the colors.

The doily and the ribbon is chosen also by colors I already had. The last thing is my map-word-stickers that where chosen by the theme of the page (walking 5 days to the Machu Picchu).

That is how I built my page.
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