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Project - just me

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This looks great! :O)

Project - just me
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Project - just me
by olatz
posted 08/15/13 at 05:19 AM
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Ready for another hybrid page? I know I have been posting a lot of hybrid pages this lately but I am so excited about this new technique that I made a bunch of pages inspired by the amazing projects found in the Toolbox class.
For this one I also got inspired by a SC sketch of the Toolbox Class week one. It is such a dynamic sketch that it allows you to play with a lot of different designs and elements.
This is my first page that I create all about me. So I chose some of my favorites colors: blue. This has been my all time favorite color since I was a kid although recently I discovered the joy of other pretty colors: mint, yellow, pink, earth colors. love them!
I love the quote of one of the class printables. So I knew I had to add it to a page about myself. As you had surely noticed before (from my previous pages) I like to add ink splatters, wood veneers, enamel dots and roller-stamps as the final touch on my projects. So I decided to add a looooooot of digital ink splatters. Fun!
And remember: weird is just a side effect of being awesome! ;) []

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