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Project - Our future is so bright...



LOVE how you used the sequins!!

This is a beautiful layout from start to finish. I love the sequins behind the stitched transparency, the bokeh paper, how you described the sweet relationship between your children. Amazing!

"The Jill Sprott pill"! Oh, that's too funny! Fantastic page. :)

I love your fun title coupled with the meaningful journaling. The sequins behind the journaling are a fabulous idea, and it's so nice to hear about their great relationship!

Love the combination of those sequins and that bokeh paper! Thanks for sharing how the workshop affected your journaling approach - it really gives a deeper look at their relationship.

Project - Our future is so bright...
About this project

Project - Our future is so bright...
by Regitze
posted 08/09/13 at 06:10 AM
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I have taken the Jill Sprott pill, and in stead off just journaling the who, when and where, I have written about what this photo of my kids makes me think of. The journaling is in danish and says:
There are 8 years between the two of you, and then you are boy and girl. One could think that you would find it difficult to find anything to agree upon other than your mother and your address. Through the years, I have often thought, that it would be difficult to come up with vacation activities and other adventures that you both would find interesting or funny. But it has never been a problem. You have always had a nice time in each others company and have been considering each others wishes without any resentment. Instead, when I look at you now, I'm reminded of all the things you have in common. When you were younger Regitze, Alexander was always good at playing with you on your terms, and you Regitze has always respected Alexander as a person and his room and things, that goes both ways. The other day, Regitze asked me why she was more “mature in her head” than the rest of her class. I answered, that perhaps it is due to the fact, that you do not have siblings close to your own age, and therefore always is surrounded by grown-ups. This means that the majority of the conversations you take part in often requires reflection and knowledge on an other level than usual for an 11 year old. But the learning value of this is great, and Alexander has learned to act responsible and a good example.

The title reflects one thing they have in common; the ability to laugh at one self, and a great sense of humor.

I wrote my journaling on a transparency and stitched it onto he paper, filling it with sequins first. TFL
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