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Project - time flies



Wow Mary this is AMAZING! What a handsome boy and the layout is perfection!!

You got the point across in a beautiful and sensitive way. I must say that so many scrapbook pages seem to forget about the person or the moment, and get overloaded with embellishments. (I am just as guilty as all the rest!) But this layout is a classic case of less is more. Inspired.

This pulled at my sweet...makes me want to go and put a brick on my kids' heads! GREAT design!

Love that title work with the quirky angles and positions to the letters! Wonderful layering and great colours for your photos!

How funny, I just posted a baby picture of my 15 year-old dd on Facebook, commenting how fast time flies! I love this LO!! Great looking boy too! TFS :)

Project - time flies
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Project - time flies
by SuperiorPea
posted 06/02/10 at 10:18 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

way too fast. Stacy Mark's “time” digital kit is perfect for what is going on in my life right now<br>
I can hardly believe tomorrow is the last day of your first year of high school. I still remember the day you got on the bus heading off for kindergarten. Time really does fly, too quickly. We are already talking about college choices, career options and girlfriends. I am not sure I am ready for this. I imagined spending more time with you and the thought of only three more years is too much. I know you are excited for what lies ahead, and we anticipate great things for you, I just thought it would take longer to get there. You are still my sweet booka boy, the little man who prefers snuggles with his mumma and tickles from his dad. I love you son. June 2, 2010.<br>

Stacy Marks - Time digital kit<br>
Font - CK Easy Goin'<br>

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