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Project - July 4, 2012

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Looking good Aly! You deserve a good mom award you are always doing cool things!! I love the clustering, and how you centered the important stuff!

This is a beautiful layout and I love your kit! That photo is fantastic.

ahhh to have young boys never liked their faces painted. Dang it.

Wow! This is so fun! I love that great red, white & blue background PP, it looks so cute with the frame & flowers. That photo is priceless!

Project - July 4, 2012
About this project

Project - July 4, 2012
by TrumanStudio
posted 07/06/12 at 05:13 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

We are fortunate that there is a church near us that has like a huge party and we can watch the fireworks from there. The kids have so much fun getting their face painted and going in the bouncy houses before hand.

Template: Fiddle-Dee-Dee Fuss Free Ornately Framed 3
Kit: Rockets' Red Glare by Truman Studio
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