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Project - Anna At 11 Months



she is beautiful! love the journaling
and the LO!

Love the full size photo!

How cute is she...and getting so big! Soft and sweet layout!

The big photo looks so good on here! Boy, has time flown if she could be that old already.

Great photo and story. Thanks for breaking down the process on your website.

I love that sweet look she is giving you!
Great documentation...this is what it's all about!

Project - Anna At 11 Months
About this project

Project - Anna At 11 Months
by Ali Edwards
posted 01/12/10 at 01:02 PM
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Read more about my process here: []

JOURNALING : January 10, 2010 : My dear sweet Anna girl, today you are 11 months old and man how we love you so! Here are some of the things you are doing right now: (1) Crawling super fast, especially when attempting to get into your brother’s bedroom and get your hands on his legos. You are definitely speedy but you also like to stop along the way to see if anyone is watching - this is also a very quick stop + look move. (2) When you aren’t crawling you are standing & cruising along furniture and grabbing at anything and everything. You seem especially fond of magazines, books and computer cords. (3) You got a fun push toy for Christmas and have been having a fun time walking with that around the living room and up and down the hallway. (4) Eating so many things! You pretty much eat what I eat and you drink from a sippy cup (but you definitely want my glass of water instead). (5) You have developed a fondness for a white stuffed cat and a little giraffe-blanket we call your snugglie. (6) You LOVE looking outside and going outside and always seem ready to venture out. (7) And the books. One of my favorite things is your interest in looking at, turning the pages, and being read to anytime. It’s so fun to watch your interests changing and growing and your personality developing. Love you.

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