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Project - right after this



that is so cute!

I LOVE this!!! Your journaling is really unique. What a great way to remember this!

this is perfect.

i love it. everything about it.


LOVE THIS!!!! Love the clean, simple lines. It caught my eye right away. TFS

Mel!! This is awesome on so many levels! I love it! Fab journaling. <img border='0' src='/images/icons/laugh.gif'>

Wow - got the chills reading this! Such a sweet page. <img border='0' src='/images/icons/smile.gif'>

Project - right after this
About this project

Project - right after this
by melanie bauer
posted 06/19/07 at 11:01 AM
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While removing photos from an old picture frame, I found this photo of my friend and I in college and it immediately triggered a memory of something that happened right after this photo was taken. Definitely a more journaling driven layout, but love the story that it tells. Thanks for looking! -Mel :)<br><br>

Journaling: <br>
Jayna and I at a MIzzou baseball game. Not shocking as we went to nearly every one of them that year. A fall world series game. Earning points for better seats at basketball games. Hanging out with a few of the new Student Athletic Board members. <br><br>

Right after this photo was taken…<br><br>

One of the new members decided to come sit in the empty seat on the other side of me. I remember looking at Jayna and wondering what this was all about. A taller guy in a yellow Mizzou hat which I thought looked dorky. The same hat he had worn during his SAB interview a few weeks earlier. We made small talk about the game and other Mizzou sports, nothing special, right? <br><br>

Who would've guessed that we would start dating a couple weeks later or that we've been married now almost 5 years? Or that Jayna would be one of my bridesmaids? And that he still has that dorky yellow hat?

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