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Project - My first page using PSE.

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Great first layout. Love the border of lights. Congrats- it's addicting.

Thanks for sharing!

Great first page - I'm so happy you shared it with us.

Debi, wonderful directions - I'm just thinking I must be the laziest scrapper in the world though, because with odd shaped frames I would almost always just user the eraser tool :)

Great first page, love the kit you used-I have that one. As for getting rid of the frame peeking out...a couple ways to do it. You can go to the layer with the frame, ctrl click on the left icon to highlight the shape. Then SHIFT-CTRL-I to select the area outside the shape. Go to your picture layer, use your eraser to erase the part that is showing. when done hit escape to deselect the fRAME LAYER.

A second way, that I use more often is to make a mask the shape you want for your frame. Go to the layer with the frame and click on it to select it. Using your magic wand tool, select contiguous at top, then clik in the center open area of your frame to select that part. Add new layer by Shift-Ctrl-N. Then select the new layer by clicking on it. Use your paintbucket to paint the area on your layout that is highlighted. Click ESC to deselect. If you need to you can use the move tool and enlarge your mask slightly to make sure the frame will cover the edges. Move the mask beneath the frame. Add your photo between mask and frame. select your photo layer. CTRL G to clip to the mask. HTH

This is such a festive Christmas page! Awesome!

Project - My first page using PSE.
About this project

Project - My first page using PSE.
by kesatterwhite
posted 01/19/13 at 12:53 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I am still trying to figure out how to get rid of the tiny photo edges showing around the frame I used.

Basic, I know…but, working on it. LOL
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