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Project - Tristan - the day you were born

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Nice story. I must say I am jealous, you are a beautiful pregnant person.

I love the rich colours and how beautiful your photo looks here. You've done a great job journaling - I would never have guessed that was challening for you.

What a stunning photo that is! I loved your story, I was riveted. Great take on the challenge!

Project - Tristan - the day you were born
About this project

Project - Tristan - the day you were born
by Verstej
posted 11/06/12 at 10:05 PM
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This is my layout for the journaling challenge for DSD. I chose to journal about the day my son was born and my gratitude for the day and the wonderful little boy that came into our lives that day.

Journaling says:
I am so greeatful to have you for my son! The morning you were born was rainy and wet and I didn't believe for one moment that you were going to arrive that day! You were 10 days overdue when the midwife came for her visit that morning. I had just put Gracie Ann down for her nap when we decided to give you a nudge, and that was all it took. She broke my water and a scant 64 minutes later you were born! It was the most amazing welcome to the world I could have imagined! Your proud big sister woke up from her nap and came right downstairs to welcome you! I am so grateful you arrived happy and healthy, and that your arrival was so fast and smooth! I am grateful that your beautiful sister was able to be with you minutes after you arrived (she was so amazed when she meet you) and most of all I am grateful for everything you have taught me since that day!

I used:
Font is Harrington

Photo credit goes to Baby & Belly

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