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Project - Can you help me date this photo?



I have several like this, they are from the late 1800s.

I know that medalion from some where I am going to show my aunt she should know but I will let you know when I find out and the year I would est from the photos I have like that is about 1880-1885 but that type of suite and such was worn alot during that time period it was a classic middle class and some high societ business suit also not sure if you knhow the person or not and it could have said that and not sure if you said or not but also from the back on the photo it looks more like a higher costing photo the ones I have some have scroll work and etc like that one the back and other dont and from talking to family and such the info I found it the ppl in the photos with backings like this had more money then others during that period just thought I woudl share that

I'm so envious of everyone who has old family photos...

I did a quick google of the name and town.
The photographer was in business from 1888-1897 according to <a target='_blank' href='
<br>;pg=PA91&amp;lpg=PA91&amp;dq=ja+rogers+photographer+uhrichsville+ohio&amp;source=web&amp;ots=_JIgGp1oyB&amp;sig=uWWlg1K0zUIxfn22-6UwYOnyoQo'>this source</a>

That gives you a pretty good ballpark of the date! I'd call it &quot;circa 1890s&quot;


looks similar to the one i have of my g-g-grandfather --and that was date 1876 -- good luck !!

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Project - Can you help me date this photo?
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Project - Can you help me date this photo?
by scrappinJudy
posted 06/04/07 at 12:29 PM
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Can anybody help me date this photo form the collar, tie, vest, jacket?
any idea what the medallion is?

the 2nd scan is of the reverse of this photo which itself should be helpful in dating it.

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