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Project - Be the Wallet you are

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Project - Be the Wallet you are
About this project

Project - Be the Wallet you are
by Paperiliitin
posted 02/14/14 at 04:21 PM
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I had for the longest time a ?Nightmare before Christmas? wallet but after I got married I decided it was time for a ?more adult looking? one. So I bought a huge black wallet, which was quite stylish. I used it about a year or so and then when I had my first child and stayed home I usually just took my bank card with me when we went outside as the huge wallet didn?t fit into my pocket. After a while I won a little fabric coin wallet in a raffle and found it to be perfect for my bank card. Now I?m back at work and I still use that little fabric wallet instead of the huge, stylish one. I just find it more ?me?. So it dawned to me one morning when gathering my things, you really should be (the wallet) who you are.

Done for 7 Dots Studio.

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