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Project - Frans Roozen


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That filmstrip washi is the coolest ever! I love the pullouts too! Super page!

Project - Frans Roozen
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Project - Frans Roozen
by girl231t
posted 05/09/13 at 10:54 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I'm a relatively new pea that is just getting back into traditional scrapbooking after at least of decade. As you can imagine, my stash of supplies is, well, dated. I've been adding to it pretty regularly over the past few months, but as you can see, I'm still using a lot of old product on my pages.

So far, I'm only scrapbooking paper layouts for my 2001 trip to Europe and I have just tons of pictures from that trip that I want to get into my scrapbook. That being the case, when I heard about Shimelle's 4x6 Photo Love course I decided to watch them for inspiration in getting multiple photos on a page. Let's just say, that class is amazing! This layout is totally scraplifted from one of the layouts that she did in the class. When I was putting together the picture pullouts, I just knew that the film strip washi tape I recently purchased would finish them off nicely!
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