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Project - competition 4 . 4 elements from the nature

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Project - competition 4 . 4 elements from the nature
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Project - competition 4 . 4 elements from the nature
by Tiili
posted 07/30/13 at 11:56 AM
Galleries: Scrapbooking, Photography

What a lovely competition I found on your site!!
My name is Annelie Ahlén and living in Sweden in city named Vasteras.
I love Scrapbooking, layouts, cards and so on.
I want to participate in competition 4 where there must be 4 elements from the nature.

I have 4 pictures from my favourites:
The Roses I got on my latest birthday and I love them so much I had to take a picture, look at them to see how wonderful they are!
Because I am living in a cold country and nothing grow during winter it is so wonderful when summer comes so we can pic and eat cherries. They must be sweet and big. I am eating cherries almost every day now.
Butterflies are another thing I realy loves as many others. If I had to be an animal I want to be a butterfly. Imagin to flie where ever you want and always be beautyful ?
The mystery of the moon are very exciting and it wasn´t easy making this picture but I am satisfied with this one when it is possible to see the details of the moons surface and as you know the moon stands for our sensitivines. I am a Very sensitive person and think that everyone that havent should take a close look at the moon during night and try to feel its mystery
I tried to put together those pictures to same way of a road to the moon and thought the song Fly me to the moon should fit the constelation.
I have thereafter decorate with flowers, pistills and pearls. Some raindrops as well

With Best Regards
Annelie Ahlén

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