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Project - Frame Doors for my Expedit



Fabulous idea! I need to do this cause I hate the cluttery look of my cubes too!

Awesome idea!

great idea!!

Awesome! I've been thinking about getting the small Expedit for my scrapbook stuff, but was worried about clutter...

...this is brilliant and I might just copy your idea! TFS!

See what happens when you consult dear hubby! when my husband saw my frames and asked me, why didnt I use hinges instead so that way you dont have to remove the frame! how funny was that! I think ALL men think alike.

Awesome idea!

love it! And I really like how you can change out the artwork in your frame. Or even just frame your favorite papers!

Project - Frame Doors for my Expedit
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Project - Frame Doors for my Expedit
by scrapperdipper
posted 09/13/10 at 01:31 PM
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My DH used 2 small hinges and 1 cabinet magnet closure to install the Timeless 12x12 frames from ACM on my Expedit. My Expedit is kind of messy, so these are great to hide the mess. I don't have to actually remove the frame to get inside. The cabinet magnet closure prevents the frame from swinging open on its own. It's fantastic. Now I need to get more frames.

ETA…today I just bought some 12x12 cork sheets and put that in a frame. Now I even have a cork board on one of my Expedit openings.

There's only been one “kink” in my system. I had originally wanted to use more frames to cover a majority of my openings. Because of the clearance needed on the hinge side of my frames, I can't put another frame right next to it. Oh well, I just have my frames spread out. HTH

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