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Project - My DH's Gift to me--My Scrapbook Room

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This is so stunning. I love the colors you used. So bold!

Oh my gosh, I had no idea this even posted! I was trying to post it, but didn't think it worked. I happened by here and saw that one picture did show up and that I had so many nice comments!!! Please don't think I was ignoring them.

My dh is a gem. He is so supportive of anything that interests me and he really loves and appreciates my scrapbooking. I absolutely love the room.

Thank you so much for all of the nice comments. My dh will be very pleased!! I am going to see if I can get the other pictures to work! Thanks again <img border='0' src='/images/icons/smile.gif'>

What an absolutely wonderful husband to do that for you. The room looks great!

lucky you...for that beautiful room and amazing husband!

For some reason, I'm only seeing the first picture, but I can tell it TOTALLY ROCKS and so does that DH!

Your DH is a pure gem !!!
He sure could start a successful scrap business.
That's one great scraproom.


Project - My DH's Gift to me--My Scrapbook Room
About this project

Project - My DH's Gift to me--My Scrapbook Room
by Jackie I
posted 04/30/06 at 07:15 PM
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My dh has been wanting to create a scrapbook room for me for years. Last year we moved into a larger house and with a few adjustments, he was able to make one. He insisted on it being a surprise, so he planned the color scheme and layout on his own.

He painted the room chili pepper because he knows I love orange and red. He painted the green band around the room and then used the tissue paper technique Doug Wilson uses on Trading Spaces over it (he's been dying to use that technique!).

He built an “L” shaped desk with set of shelves over the one side. He also took the door off of the closet and built shelves there as well, making sure to leave a cubby for my paper storage.

He put track lighting on the ceiling and under the shelf lighting for my work area. He also hung a wood shelf and added some candles. There is also a separate smaller work area where my sewing machine is–the cupboards over that and the undershelf lighting for that work area was already there; it was the only thing in the room he didn't build. Lastly, he laid the carpet and bought me desk chair.

It is not completely done or organized, but I LOVE it already. I think he really wanted me to post it here because he looked at this site for inspiration before he started.

Thanks for looking!

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