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Project - My Newest Craft Space



looove your room!!!!

Thanks gals. Sorry I am just now getting back to comment, but I don't check here often, only when someone asks a question on one of the boards and I come to see the pix in order to answer them.

I love my space, but it has changed a bot since these pix were posted.

In fact, just yesterday I came home to find that the shelf in the closet collapsed! If that's not a sign that I need to purge some stamps I'm no longer using, I don't know what is! lol The builder didn't anchor the shelf in the studs, which didn't help, but there was too much weight on it. We'll be rebuilding the shelf with a board screwed into the studs and then the shelf screwed into the board. That should hold much better, but just to be safe, some of the weight of the stamp sets will be on the floor in the closet now rather than on the shelf.

The overall space works well and I am very happy with the choices I made re: storage and furnishings. Yes, the black does show dust, but I still like it.

Wow, I can't believe I didn't see this before now. I'm totally drooling over your space! How is it working out for you?

Wow what a fab space puts my little space to shame have to share with DH and 2 teenagers oh joy!

Also posted on the GS board today, 2/16/10:

Wow, ok, this is realy weird! I was just doing some updating to my profile and happened to stop and take a look at my craft space and was just thinking about those risers! Twilight Zone, here I come!

The risers were bought at Walmart during back to school season (thus purple and black were available). But, you can find risers like those at most home stores, including Target and Big Lots. They are very strong. Since taking those pix I upgraded to the Expression and it fits just fine and no issues with the far! I do not use the Cricut while it's on the riser - it just sits up there out of the way when I am working on that tabletop.

There are some risers that have folding legs (unlike mine which have permanently standing legs) and you could use those, but you need to check that the legs lock into place (many of the risers for lockers and flimsy and will wobble, and possible not hold the weight long term) and that the unit does not bow when you press down/put weight on them (try it out in the store).


Scrappinmommy84, sorry I didn;t get back to you sooner. I have not been back to check that post where my pix are for some time.


Love your space! I'm in the process of organizing mine. Where did you get the risers for your Cricut/Sizzix? And do you think the riser would hold the Cricut Expression?

Project - My Newest Craft Space
About this project

Project - My Newest Craft Space
by scrappinbetty
posted 10/18/09 at 12:37 AM
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Following are shots from my new craft space. Unfortunately, the pix are not in the order I was hoping for, but at least it's a start!

Starting from the first picture:
1. This is the view when standing in the door to my craft space/office, looking slightly left.
2. Stepping into the room a bit and looking left.
3. The punches that are hanging on the back of the door.
4. Looking at my large Expedit, now filled with boxes bought at IKEA that are mostly full, but not yet labeled. I have all of my embellishments in the containers on the top of the unit. Starting from the left: the black fabric cases hold my eyelets, buttons, brads, bling, etc.; the thin grey cases hold letters; the accordian files hold chipboard pieces; and, the 3 black and purple PSBs hold my rub-ons, stickers and dimensional stuff.
5. Another view of the large Expedit, as well as one of the three drawer units I have on the floor, and some of my tchotckes.
6. Here's Mr. Toad (love that guy!) as well as the second drawer unit (mostly empty for now) topped with a collection of hearts and a few penguins, my 2Peas lunchbox and my hanging unit (like a Clip it Up). The left closet door is also shown.
7. The view of the whole closet as well as the left side of the work area that I built (see next photo for description of how it was created).
8. I created this work station/area using a 2 compartment by 4 compartment Expedit (it's lying on its side in the back), fronted by a 2 compartment by 2 compartment Expedit, with a tabletop laid across the top (it has rubberized shelf liner underneath which keeps it from moving). This work area houses all of my tools (left side of tabletop in tote), as well as my Sizzix machines, Cricut, Cuttlebug, Slice and QK Tool. The black bins in the back shelves hold the dies and supplies for the machines. The two large black boxes (in the front unit) hold cards and envelopes (I make a lot of cards), and the two clear units below them hold all of my small albums, chipboard pieces and things to be altered. There are 3 more large black boxes that cannot be seen and they are behind the four containers mentioned above. The fourth spot behind these same boxes houses my large albums.
9. This is the left side of my desk area which is the home to my pens and pencils, as well as dimensional adhesives, GooGone and deacidifying sprays.
10. This is my workstation - I keep my laptop and large format printer here (this is where I usually sit while peaing), as well as quote books and all the office supplies I need regularly. The drawer unit on the floor, on the right side of my desk, holds all of my adhesives (sorted by type in different drawers with back-up stock in plastic containers stored behind the unit).
11. An overall shot of my desk/workstation (note the comfy chair and the foot massager underneath the desk - oh yah! :)).
12 and 13. More views of my work area where all of my tools are stored.
14. A close-up shot of my tool tote as well as the risers that are used to hold my Sixxix machines on this side and my Cricut on the other side.
15. OK, somehow there is another shot of my punches which are stored in strong travel cases that hang on an over-the-door hanger.
16. This is what the inside of the left side of the closet looked like when the picture was taken. I have since added a 3-tiered black mesh basket that hangs from the closet rod and holds new purchases or in-process project stuff. The three black hanging pocket units ate simply shoe holders bought at IKEA - one hold misc. containers of different supplies and the other two hold clear plastic boxes where I store all of my ink pads by type.
17. The right side of the closet - again, a black mesh 3-tiered hanging basket hangs from the closet rod on this side too. I use that one to hold items that need to be put away after being used.
18. This is one of two stacks of 12x12 drawers in which I store my wood-mounted rubber stamps. Letter sets (both wooden and foam) are stored in plastic cases on the top of these units, as well as up on the shelf that runs the entire width of the closet. There are also plastic continers that store my inks, paints, yarns and knitting and crocheting supplies on that shelf.
19. My Cricut, Cuttlebug and Slice, as well as stuff used with each of these machines.
20. And, last but not least, a close-up of my pens and pencils, as well as the dimensional adhesives and other liquid stuff I need regularly.

Thanks for looking and feel free to post or peamail questions should you have any.

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