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Project - Seasonal Layouts :Art Homework

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Project - Seasonal Layouts :Art Homework
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Project - Seasonal Layouts :Art Homework
by Sande Krieger
posted 08/15/09
Galleries: Scrapbooking

<p>&nbsp;I was thrilled when my youngest son, McKean, told me about all the art homework his teacher had given him over the summer as a prerequisite for admittance into an advanced art class he signed up for this coming Fall. He would work on his art almost everyday often for hours at a time and was always interested in going to the local art festivals or galleries. &nbsp;I seriously could have given that teacher a big smack-a-roo!&nbsp;</p>
<p>The products I used on this layout are:</p>
<li>background paper - Silhouettes for Nie kit</li>
<li>film frame - French Laundry Photo Edges v.7 (I erased the overhanging edges)</li>
<li>taped frame - Photocuts frames v.1</li>
<li>stitches - French Kiss</li>
<li>Word strips - Teen Boy Word Strips</li>
<li>Scalloped edges - Fanciful Edges v.1</li>
<li>Hanging arrow tag &amp; orange papers in striped scallops, HOMEWORK &amp; under lower scallop - Creamsicle Free Kit</li>
<li>ART - Sketchy Alphabet and Masks</li>
<li>Homework over the summer - 2 Peas Variety Show</li>
<li>staples - Altered Art Kit</li>
<li>journaling tag - Ledger Tags</li>
<li>white stitching in background - Maryann Wise Antique Stitches</li>
<li>&quot;beautiful&quot; word art - Maryann Wise Doublets</li>
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