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Project - New Product Focus :It's in the Details

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Project - New Product Focus :It's in the Details
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Project - New Product Focus :It's in the Details
by Sande Krieger
posted 11/01/09
Galleries: Scrapbooking

<p>&nbsp;Have you ever tried one of these PhotoCuts Masks designed by Carina Gardner? They are so fun to use!I am typically a one photo per page scrapbooker because I&nbsp;hate it when things looked cluttered. I've discovered that with these photocuts I can use several photos and they never look cluttered!</p>
<p>For this layout, I took one of her masks, copied it in Photoshop, flipped it vertically (using Edit&gt;Transform&gt;Flip Vertically) so that I now had two templates that were a mirror image. I used a clipping mask (for Elements users that would be the Group with Previous command) to attach my photos to the individual black blocks. If I had any excess from the photo that went into one of the other black photo blocks, I used the eraser tool to remove it. For a few of the blocks, I added patterned paper so that the layout wouldn't feel so busy.</p>
<p>There is a store a couple miles from my house called Details that was LOVE&nbsp;AT FIRST SIGHT when I stepped into it. It is mostly reproduction French vintage with a little bit of real vintage thrown in. I would love to just buy the whole store and put it in my house exactly as it is displayed…but since I don't have a trust fund, I'll have to settle for just picking up a couple of pieces a year and slowing try to recapture that same look in my house.</p>
<p>The products I used for this layout are:</p>
<li>PhotoCuts Mask v.8</li>
<li>Background brown paper and paper on scallops - Sidewalk Chalk Papers</li>
<li>Blue and brown patterned papers - Garden Vignette Paisley Bed</li>
<li>Flower - Bookish Elements</li>
<li>Lined vintage paper - Basic Backgrounds v.2</li>
<li>You are Beautiful Word Art - French Revolution Word Art</li>
<li>Tag under word art - Note to Self v.3</li>
<li>Title - Sketchy Alpha</li>
<li>Fonts: Old Type; Audition</li>
<li>Little flower with jewel - Here With You</li>
<li>scalloped edge - Funky Scalloped Frame</li>
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