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Resource - Getting Started in Photoshop - Lesson #1


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Resource - Getting Started in Photoshop - Lesson #1
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Resource - Getting Started in Photoshop - Lesson #1
by Sande Krieger
posted 08/01/06
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New to Photoshop? Want to design a layout? Great! Try these easy steps to get started.

1. Start by going to File>New. See Figure 2. You can name your layout. Set your size (12 x 12 or 8.5 x 11 or whatever you want). Make sure if you’re planning to print your layout that you set the resolution to 300 and the color to RGB. See Figure 3.

2. You’ll build your layer just like you would a paper layout. Open the background paper that you want to use by going to File>Open and then selecting that file. (If you have Photoshop CS or CS2 you can use the File Browser or Bridge to search through your files. See Figure 4 for what the Bridge looks like.) Once your patterned paper is open, you can use the Move Tool – See Figure 5- (upper right hand corner of your tool palette) to drag the paper onto your layout or you can go to SELECT>SELECT ALL then EDIT>COPY then click on your layout document and EDIT>PASTE.

3. On this layout I centered the lined piece of paper and then opened two other patterned papers and drug them onto the sides of my layout. See Figure 6. If you look in the Layers Palette, in the lower right corner, you can see that each item I add to my layout is on its own layer. If you’re not sure if you like what you have, you can turn off and on the layer by clicking on the EYE icon just to the left of that layer.

4. Next, add your photograph by going to FILE>OPEN and selecting your photo or you can use the File Browser or Bridge. Drag your photo onto our layout. If it is too big, you can use the Free Transform tool to make it smaller. Go to EDIT>FREE TRANSFORM. See Figure 7. A bounding box will appear around your photograph. While holding down the Shift key push in on one of the diagonal handles. Once you get it the size you want it, press ENTER or RETURN. Now you can use your MOVE TOOL to place it where you want it.

5. Now you’re ready to add a title. For part of my title, I used the 2 Peas Fit 2 be Tied Alphabet kit. The letters were a little too big so I used the Free Transform tool to make some of them smaller. See Figure 8. 6. Next let's use the Text Tool. I wanted the bigger portion of my title to be at the top left corner of my layout. Select the Text Tool from the tool palette. It’s the one with the T on it. You will see that a new text layer automatically forms. See Figure 9. Next select the color for your text by clicking on the text color box at the top of your screen. See Figure 10. It will bring up your color palette and you can use the eyedropper to select a color from your photograph or the patterned paper or just choose a color from the color strip. Now you’ll choose a font and a font size. See Figure 11. Once you you've typed your title, if you want to change the font, font size or color, simply highlight your text with a swipe of your mouse or by double clicking on T on your text layer. Then you can make changes. Here’s a fun tip. If you click on the font in the font window, not the arrow that pulls down the drop down menu, just the font then use your mouse wheel to scroll down, the font on your layout will change. Also, if you hit CONTROL H ,on the PC (COMMAND H on the Mac) it will remove the highlight from your text but still leave it active for you to change.

7. Rotating Elements. I opened this long white stitch from the 2 Peas Joined at the Hip kit but the stitch is going horizontal and I want it vertical. This is how you fix it. First drag it onto your layout. Then go to EDIT>TRANSFORM>ROTATE 90 degrees CW. See Figure 12. Then use your Move Tool to place it where you want it.

8. I added some journaling, a flower & swirl from the 2 Peas Tattoo Art Rub On Kit and rub on numbers from the 2 Peas 2 Seas kit to finish this layout off.

Check out some of the other 2 Peas Tutorials to learn how to use various tools such as Brushes, Erasers, Shapes, Pen Tool, etc.

Now go play!

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