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Project - Behind the Scenes: Wedding Preparations


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oooh, I love this - have all ready snagged those grunge frames, and now I am in need of some of your kits! A question - the little hearts - are those in a kit? Or did you make them? I couldn't find them in the list of supplies...

Project - Behind the Scenes: Wedding Preparations
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Project - Behind the Scenes: Wedding Preparations
by Sande Krieger
posted 06/23/10
Galleries: Scrapbooking

While I typically like to scrapbook a page with only one or two photos, there are times, like in this case where I have a ton of photos that really need to be on the layout in order to tell the story. That's one of the reason's that I LOVE this photo group template by Erica Hernandez. It allows me to place lots of photos on the page without the page feeling cluttered. The individual black photo edge for each photo really helps delineate the photos and helps them stand apart from each other. <p>

The products I used on my layout are: <br>
graph paper - Basic Backgrounds<br>
blue diamond paper, XOXO rub-on and large red heart rubon - Amore Kit<br>
blue patterned paper, & stitches - French Kiss Kit<br>
JeTaime rubon - French Revolution Word Art<br>
postmark - For Christmas Delivery<br>
staples - Altered Elements kit <br>
stapled paper strips - Button Button kit<br>
fonts: Autumn Leaves Modern Type & Worn Machine<br>
photo template - Grungy Borders PHoto Grouping
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