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Project - "Mommy....

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This is just amazing. Simply beautiful. You've inspired me.

Wow, Margaret! This is an incredible story and an incredible LO to go with it!

Margert, you nailed this one. It is absolutely perfect! I love the pictures of you and Maddie and the words are exactly right for this. <img border='0' src='/images/icons/grin.gif'> .

Wow, your page turned out beautifully! I love the idea of using the post as the background, and really, the symbolism you've used (sparkly letters, etc) is just amazing. Definitely a moment to be cherished! I hope there are many, many more like this in your dd's future. <img border='0' src='/images/icons/smile.gif'>

Fabulous ... absolutely, fabulous!
What a story ... what a girl ... what a Mom!!!

Wonderful story. Incredible page. I am so, so happy for you both and you have captured the moment and your feelings BEAUTIFULLY!

Project - "Mommy....
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Project - "Mommy....
by MargertAnn
posted 08/13/06 at 12:40 AM
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Well, here it is.
I know it’s full of design problems but that’s ok, so is Madeline, so I wanted it that way. I’ve come to learn that my “style of scrapbooking leans much more towards “altered” as in, when you are doing an AB page or even an ATC, much of the story is told through symbolism. I found myself doing that over and over again on this page. I wanted the title bright and full of sparkle, (my DD’s personality) hence the glitter and paint. I used letter PP to represent the words and it goes on and on with each embellishment. Anyway, if you didn’t catch the post in the pub, here is what the journaling says. On the advice of many I used the post as the basis of the page and the complete post is on the back of the LO.
Thanks to all the wonderful peas that “get” what it is like to be a Mother of a special needs child.
Painted chipboard, stamping, rubons and glitter for the title. Lots going on so if you have a question about something, peamail me!
As many of you may know my DD is special needs. She is now 10 and today I got the most precious gift from her. A quick history as to why this is such a big deal. She has Hydrocephalus (water on the brain). At birth her head was nearly the same size that it is now, only on a newborn body. She has a Chirari I malformation (the line in the center of your brain that allows the two hemispheres to communicate, hers is missing part of it), subarachnoid cyst that caused part of her brain not to form and a bunch of other things. She doesn’t have the capacity to lie, and while she is a very caring child, it typically stems from being polite, holding doors open, saying please and thank you etc. She will say I love you to just about anyone she meets, the wal-mart greeter, UPS guy (LOL they are on a first name basis) and so on. She will color a picture and say I made this for you, but it’s because she has heard her siblings say it. Which is why today is so very special. Today she came home from school and was nearly bursting with excitement. She gave me this:

And said, “Mommy, I cut this hand over hand for you (hand over hand means her fingers were in the scissors but her teacher had her hand over hers to “guide” her cuts.) I know you like to use words in your scrapbooks and I knew you would want these ones.”
I’m sure some of the other special needs Mom’s here can relate, we LIVE for moments like these! She actually made the connection that Mommy scrapbooks and she uses words for it! WOOHOO!!!!! I feel like she took her first steps.
Thanks for letting me share (hee hee I feel like it’s her first “toot” in the pub)
Tomorrow, I'm going to start my day not by doing assignments and deadline stuff, but by sitting down and making a page about it

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