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Project - Stamping A to Z: birthday in a bag card...



That bag looks so not stamped at all! Way cool, I thought it was paper and not stamped.....very clever.

Love this card, so so cute! :)

Project - Stamping A to Z: birthday in a bag card...
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Project - Stamping A to Z: birthday in a bag card...
by Wendy Sue
posted 10/27/11
Galleries: Stamping, Cardmaking

“Q” is for “quick” and that's definitely the case for this card! I created this card as a part of the stamping event []that's been going on this month!

Sometimes when I'm creating a card or a layout I find that I just need a little “something” to pull everything together and make it all look cohesive. That's where this QUICK stamping technique can come in handy. All you need is a solid accent of some type (a tag, a journaling block, etc.) and a background stamp.

On my card, I wanted to add a cute little mini bag filled with birthday goodies to the front, …but the solid bag just seemed to stand out way too much, so I inked up a background stamp, in this case I used a definition stamp, and stamped the bag.

I think it would have been cute to use polka-dots too. :)

After adding the embellishments, tying with string, and filling with sticker “goodies,” I stuffed a bit of tissue down inside the bag to give it a little bit of dimension and attached the bag to the front. :)
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