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Project - June 2012 - a month in review...


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Way cute girl! Love how you journaled on the individual pictures - storing that idea! :)

Project - June 2012 - a month in review...
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Project - June 2012 - a month in review...
by Wendy Sue
posted 07/23/12
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Okay, I have to say right up front that this is a VERY different type of layout for me. I usually have everything all linear and planned out (not to say this wasn't planned out - it actually took me longer than usual even though it doesn't look like it). That being said, it was FUN, FUN, FUN!!

I opened up my “June 2012” photo file on my computer and printed out several of the photos I had from various events/days throughout the month. A few of them were photos from twitter and facebook that I had saved on my computer the ones of my kids away at camps). I printed them all at 2“ x 2” so the quality didn't have to be super high…plus, I didn't really care about the photos themselves so much this time - I just wanted to provide a “glimpse” into the month. Many of these events will have their own dedicated pages in our album too - but I think it's fun seeing so many things all collected here on one page.

Since there are so many photos and so much printed journaling I didn't use a ton of product - but I really liked this “Fabulous” line for the stickers and patterned papers. A couple of quick tips:
* I printed the journaling onto patterned/lined paper so it would match the background paper and not stand out too much (I usually print my journaling on white cardstock, but that just seemed too stark for this page)
* The “JUNE” thicker letters matched perfectly with the pinks in the background paper, but the white was just too WHITE, so I used my favorite new ink, attic dust, to dab over the white to tone it down and I love the way it turned out.
* I wanted the overall feel of this page to be kind of like a bulletin board of sorts, so I used pop dots, clips, and small journaling strips that are kind of “loose” to contribute to that look.

I could never replace my regular scrapping with this type of layout or style, but I know I'll be putting more of these together to go in our albums too - especially when we have super busy months…it's fun to see it all at a glance!
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