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Project - Jedi prepared be you must (Digi scraplift challeng

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A FANTASTIC extraction! And what a great treat for him!

How fun is that!! My dd had a Princess show up for one of the girls party once, and they had a wonderful time!! :) Great layout!!

This is so cool! I love how the pictures really pop off the page. So much fun!

Wow, how fun that the boys had all those special guests show up. It sure looks like a fabulous party and they'll always remember how you went all out for their special day. I really like the background and great design.

Awesome! We just had a Jedi Academy party for Eli! (We did not have the awesome special guests you did, but we did have light sabers made out of pool noodles!)

When you said you go all out on parties, you really meant it! How totally AWESOME this party must have been! Great scraplift and photos, Debi. :D

Project - Jedi prepared be you must (Digi scraplift challeng
About this project

Project - Jedi prepared be you must (Digi scraplift challeng
by debikins
posted 03/29/10 at 07:42 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Scraplifted Again Again by Zwyck
<br> Photos from our StarWars Birthday Party
<br> BG pp_Galiscrap (Eau Bleue) blended with
<br> BG pp_Veronica Ponce of 2peas (Cottage Bluff)
<br> font Lucinda Handwriting
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