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とても かわいい! あかちゃん の しゃしん を みるのは たのしい ですね! こどもは はやく おおきく なりますね!

I love the flowers and leaves and the border punched frames are great too!

Ah this is adorable, I love these photos and the colors and embellishments are great. LOVE IT!!!

Looks really great. Love that you've done a two pager!


Aren't they cute! Love the colors and the leaves!

I love it Debi! Your boys certainly were cute! I love the rolls on the legs--absolutely adorable!

Love the matts! And you carried the theme of those throughout! The boys are so adorable!

omg! Those two are perfect cuteness. It's a beautiful layout.

Look at those chubby little cheeks and legs! Such cute little babies. Great 2pager.

Debi - these pages couldn't be any cuter. I love the white space, it makes the photos of those sweet boys just pop. TFS.

Awesome two-pager, they were such precious wee guys - a pair of Gerber babies

beautiful double pages layout dear..
and look at those babies.. cuteeeeeeee

What a little pair of cuties!! Great two pager Debi.

Yes, I do want to pinch those little legs and kiss those chubby cheeks! Ah, what is it about a baby that just melts the heart? Great 2 pager, Debi. I love the mats you used on your photos and the cute pleated flower. The chevrons at the bottom really anchor your layout. Beautifully done.

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