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13  Comments - Ginko Petrified Forest

Very cool!

This looks so cool...great page/

I am going to have to bookmark this one...LOVE it...

Very cool technique!

Great job with the challenge, like using the photo and cutting it apart like that. I downloaded the template (I thought) but I just ended up with the one with the design, couldn't figure out how to make changes on it.


Very interesting design.

OK, this is really beautiful That template just stymied me; you did an amazing job.

very creative! love it.

Wow, Debi, this is such an interesting layout. I love that template. I'd love to visit that place. Love the flowers and the butterfly in the foreground. Very pretty.

Great design!

oh wow! that looks complicated~ but beautiful photos

Cool Template! I like the butterfly and flowers. Looks like a wonder, peaceful place to visit

Awesome design. I've been there. You did another great page. TFS

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