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Project - In Search of the Perfect Tree



what a lovely story all the journaling.

That is a beautiful photo and I love that you have captured the story of your Christmas trees in so much detail.

Project - In Search of the Perfect Tree
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Project - In Search of the Perfect Tree
by debikins
posted 12/22/12 at 08:47 PM
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Text reads:
I grew up on a farm, in a big, old farmhouse with big rooms and tall ceilings. Every Christmas we went on the quest to find the perfect tree. But what exactly IS the perfect tree? To my mother, it was a fat and full, sheered Douglas Fir with colored lights, silver tinsel and a multicolored lighted star on top. To my father, it was a tall, skinny flocked with artificial snow Noble Fir, with spaces between the branches for ornaments to hang down. As you might surmise, my parents had very different ideas of WHAT made a perfect Christmas tree. So they compromised. One year would be Mom's choice and the next year, Dad's. But regardless of what type of tree we ended up with, it meant a trip to the mountains, trekking through the snow in search of the perfect specimen, to be cut down, dragged to the truck, roped on top and driven home where Dad would recut the base before putting it in the stand. Then if there were seriously bald spots, holes would be drilled and filled with extra branches to even the tree out. As a kid I never knew about the last step. Our trees were never the perfectly shaped trees found in the tree farms or tree lots, each with its own unique personality and shape. But they were all beautiful through the eyes of a starry eyed kids awaiting Christmas. And me? I followed my dad's taste in trees, minus the flocking and tinsel. I love the look of a Noble Fir or the occassional Blue Spruce and I prefer a tree with a little shape discrepancy. And when a real tree became too difficult for me to get alone, I eventually moved to a recycled artifical tree. But it's not your usual artificial tree. It has a very unique look which I love. We decorate it with colored lights (my children's preference) and ornaments we've collected or made over the years which commemorate special events so every ornament has a story which we can tell while we listen to Christmas music, drink hot cocoa and decorate our tree. December 2012

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