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just the title work too.

I really like the monotone of this LO. Great LO Debi

Very cool title font. You must be so proud of those boys, loving music and science the way they do. Very balanced kids.

Great photos! I can never get close enough to get good concert photos. What a great talent your boys are developing. I hope they stay with it. Love the arrows, the banners and especially the musical notes. Very nice.

I love that font for the title. Very cool page.

I love the 'direction' of this page. And the patterns used sparingly. And the photos are great!

Very cool! I love all the border elements and the sketchy look of the title.

Great page.

great use of monochrome and of blending the photos


love the monochrome.

{* title *}
{* icon *}
{* body *}
{* footer *}