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LOL at the title! Works perfectly for this great page!

That looks awesome--the page and the project!

WOW what a project! they really dug into this one. Great LO

You must have been there to get such great photos of the bridge. I would love to watch that. Your title is fabulous. You could write "title books"!

great title and font. Pics are best part. Tell the whole story. Really cool page!!

very cool project. I love this page, it tells the whole story in the photos!

Wow, look at all those photos! I am always amazed at how you can fit so many on a page.

Love how there are so many pics but they don't feel cluttered.

WOW!!! great project. So cool to scrap.

LOVE the play on words in the title! Great job getting so many pics on the layout!

Those are neat bridges! I love how you layered the pictures.

Love the play on words with the title!


wow, i like all the pics and the tire metal marks are a cool addition. nice work!

Awesome photos pf an awesome project! That model is fabulous! Great page!

Looks like they did a great job!

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