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Project - What a day

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Love how you scrapped a less-than-ideal day. Those sketch-cars are perfect.

Fun! I love the chevron paper and the sketched cars!

Love the traffic jam, KFC, and pick up truck. Wow what a story and great page.

Great job documenting a regular, yucky day!

This is awesome!

what a great story telling page

Project - What a day
About this project

Project - What a day
by debikins
posted 08/06/13 at 03:50 AM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Text reads:
It started as an ordinary day, but the boys got up late requiring us to wait for a later show time. I dropped the boys off at the movie theatre, after picking up grandma, and we went and played the penny slots for a couple hours. Losing our money seemed to be trend lately.

Stopping for KFC we felt lucky because the girl gave us extra chicken and biscuits seeing we had two hungry teens with us. She must have teenager boys herself. We stopped at a local park for a picnic but were plagued by bees. Not sure why they always swarm around fried chicken.

Dropped Grandma off and headed home but ended up stuck in a traffic jam on the bridge for nearly an hour due to a motorcycle accident which resulted in a 7car pile-up. Finally back on the road, we headed down the freeway towards home, but halfway there, I heard what sounded like metal bouncing off the underside of the car then a weird noise, simultaneously noticing my gas gage moved to empty, so I dove for the side of the road to check it out–a flat tire on the driver's front wheel and no spare. And not one of us had our cell phone on us…so much for having them for an emergency.

So we waited…and after 20 minutes, a nice police officer stopped to help. I explained our situation. The irony was that he was the responding officer for the accident we had been stuck behind. He called a tow truck and we waited some more, playing cards to pass the time. Fortunately the weather was nice and it was still daylight. The towtruck loaded the car, and we squished into the cab, the boys in the half cab behind the front seat and me in the front with the driver's dog who took a liking to me and laid on my lap all the way home.

So now I have a car in my driveway with a flat tire and no gas, but we're safe and at home. What a day!

Did to play along with the cropped contest (I got cropped at round 3) the Mystery items were 3 unmatched patterned papers and a flair with the added instruction of making a meaty layout.

As for the theme MEATY…I put llots of patterns, photos and

journaling for “meaty-full feel”

Karen Funk
—worn & torn overlays (clipping mask)
—cropped round 5 (chevron paper)grid extracted, ppr recolored

Crystal Livesay
—Give Thanks (green woodgrain ppr)

Jennifer Valencia
—cropped round 5 (wine barrel flair)

Audrey Neal (Audacious Designs)
—cropped round5 (patterned ppr-recolored)

Tiffany Tillman (Simply Tiffany)
—ArtisticPhotoMasks (clipping mask)

—cropped round5(multidiamond ppr) recolored, grid extracted, cut)

Gennifer Bursett
—Love You (index card) recolored
—Sarcastically Said(wordart)

All photos taken off the web…added my car to the towtruck bed

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