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Project - Scrap the Best. Store the Rest. {Photo Storage}

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I really like this idea. But I have a question for you about this system - Do you put your pics directly from getting printed into the albums and pull pics from there to scrap?

I am going to hang a sign in my scrap area that says "Scrap the Best, Store the Rest" because I definitely struugle with feeling pressure to scrap everything. I am getting better, but this will really help.

What a great album! Thanks for sharing!

This is great. Thanks for sharing your idea. <img border='0' src='/images/icons/smile.gif'>

This is a great idea. I like this so much better than boxes, and I think the fact you can flip through the pages will make it easier to go back and scrap some of the stored pictures. TFS

I found the page protectors at Hobby Lobby and online at;productPage=0 . It's item 57020 about halfway down the page.

The large ring binders for 12x12 pages are from Michaels, although I think they are sold online at the top sb retailers. They are made by Hiller.

Peamail me if you need more assistance.


I started storing all my 'unscrapable' photos in albums last year because I still like to look at the photos without them being in a box. Love these sleeves &amp; albums better than the ones I got.....mind if I ask where you got them?

Project - Scrap the Best. Store the Rest. {Photo Storage}
About this project

Project - Scrap the Best. Store the Rest. {Photo Storage}
by SDeven
posted 03/28/07 at 01:41 PM
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Per the GS discussion board.<br><br>

When I say “Scrap the Best. Store the Rest.” this is my idea of storage. I take thousands of pictures a year. If I intended to scrapbook every single one, I would not only be completely overwhelmed but I would have to add a wing onto my house for album storage. <br><br>

My solution to this problem is to store the rest. I purchased really nice 12x12 ring binders and Ultra Pro brand sub-divided photo sleeves that hold at least 12 4x6 photos per page (6 per side, unless you put more than two photos per pocket, which I do). <br><br>Each album holds about 50 pages = 600 photos (at least). The albums are photo-safe and not too expensive. The photos are organized and can be easily enjoyed by my children/family, just as a regular scrapbook. (They are stored on the same shelf as my finished scrapbooks.) <br><br>If a mood to scrap something in the album strikes, I can pull out the photos I want and scrap them. But there is no pressure and this prevents me from being completely overwhelmed by feelings of “I'm so behind I'll never get it all done”. It also prevents me from loosing out on all those back up pictures. I can't bear to throw pictures away. This keeps them safe and accessible–and well-organized.<br><br>

ETA: The sub-divided photo protectors are Ultra Pro item #57020 is available at Hobby Lobby and at<BR><BR>

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