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Project - for mb

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Command adhesive also has sort of like velcro adhesives for hanging pictures.

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Have you seen the new book called Junk Beautiful? They have this awesome window covering with whisk brooms. They attached broom clips to a piece of barn wood and then lined up all the whisk brooms as a sort of valance in the dining area. You could do the same, maybe.

Is that stuff called &quot;Handy Tack&quot;. It's like chewing gum as is primarily for posters. I think it would be great.

Neat idea.

There is stuff at the office supply store that is similar to mighty putty and works the same but doesn't leave any marks and holds great! I can't remember the name of it but I've used it to hold 6&quot; wood letters I've altered that spell my daughters name ... they have been up on the wall now for 3 years without falling off.

Ive used Velcro in my kitchen many times and it works great!

You could use this stuff called mighty putty... you can get it at walgreens or cvs if you have one near by, it makes anything stick to anything. I wouldn't use alot of it thought it is really strong stuff and when you go to take them down it will probably leave a spot for you to sand and repaint. A little goes a long way and that way you dont have a large area to repair.

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Project - for mb
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Project - for mb
by SDeven
posted 05/27/08 at 01:35 PM
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I have these bamboo eating utensils that I want to hang on this wall area in my kitchen, over the bay window seat. The problem is–I don't know what to use to hang them. I'd rather not nail them…I don't want to put holes in the wall and I don't know that the bamboo would withstand nails or screws without splitting. Each utensil is about 6“ tall and the wall dropdown is about 12” tall. I have about 30 utensils to spread across the 8' section. May or may not use them all. Do you have ideas on what I could use to hang them?


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