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Project - My Scrapbook Room



Wow, very nicely organized. You did an awesome job in such a small room. Enjoy - and TFS!

Fabulousness! Would love a video tour, if you would be willing and able!

You have an awesome space to play it! It looks much bigger than 9x9 though. Have fun in your beautiful room.

You managed to store a lot of stuff neatly in a small space.

It looks fantastic and the Tin Man is priceless.
enjoy your new space!

Project - My Scrapbook Room
About this project

Project - My Scrapbook Room
by mtornay
posted 04/01/14 at 11:03 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking, Scraprooms, Home Decor

My new scrapbook room is in the garage. My fiancé built a room within our garage. My space is small, 9x9, but I think I have it set up pretty well. I have one big work station with a TV/DVD and cable, a desk we built out of kitchen cabinets and a butcher block, 2 large storage cabinets, wall cabinets and plenty of storage in my large work station and desk. I love storing my embellishments and ribbons in assorted mason jars and I keep other embellishments in labeled photo boxes and baskets. I keep all of my misters, pens and adhesives on my peg wall. I keep my sewing machine and silhouette in my desk cabinets and my punches are also in my desk cabinet in a large plastic tub. I keep my laptop and tablet in the large top drawer of my desk to keep it out of the way.

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