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Project - Beautiful Lengths



Beautiful! Your daughter is beautiful and this layout really compliments her. :)

I love the colors that you used here they go so well with her red hair. That is such a great thing that she did. And her hair looks so cute that length.

I love the look on your dgd face in the after photo - that just speaks volumes about how proud she is of her precious gift!

On a scrapping level, I love your use of notebook paper, inked on the edges for a journal spot. Don't know why that never occured to me before - I'm going to scraplift that idea. Also like your use of tabs for the "before" and "after" on the layout. Love it!

Hi Nylene, this is just gorgeous. I love the colors you used as they go so well with the beautiful color of her hair. Nice touch adding the letter she received from the program. Love those scissors and those green polka dots are perfect pop.

The layout is adorable and so is her new haircut. Can't believe she could be cuter than she was but I do think the new do does just that. It was very thoughtful of her to grow her hair out for that project and I know someone will be more grateful than she could ever imagine. Really like the colors of the layout too.


Adorable and great story. I like her new haircut.

Project - Beautiful Lengths
About this project

Project - Beautiful Lengths
by nylene
posted 10/01/10 at 02:20 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

This is my dgd cutting off 12" of her beautiful red hair for the Pantene Beautiful Lengths program.
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